Database Design and Development

We have over 25 years experience developing databases and specialize in Microsoft Access databases.

We have created databases for the US Military and a major Telecommunications Company.

Your database will be designed to easily retrieve information when needed by the development of useful queries and reports. It will be user friendly; we keep the user in mind while building your database. Reports, Forms and Queries will be designed to your specifications.

The database we develop for your company will be thoroughly tested so that it will run smoothly. We can take existing spreadsheets, word documents or other text based files and use for the basis of your database. Databases can be created as standalone programs or intranet/ internet ready. You will receive a blank copy of your database once it is completed. If you require initial entries of existing data we will do that as well.

We also offer Monthly Maintenance Services after the initial development – which includes addition of forms/reports, and data entry as needed. When you purchase a monthly agreement for our Virtual Assistance Services, Data Entry Services are included!

Please note our estimate of hours to develop your database is exactly that, ONLY AN ESTIMATE – due to some circumstances databases may take longer than originally estimated. It is extremely important when explaining what you want out of your database to be as specific as possible.

VGAL Database Development Fee starts at $997


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