At Virtual Gal Friday, our purpose is to fuel joy and fulfillment in the lives of both our dedicated team and valued customers!


We achieve this through:

  • Fostering a vibrant company culture that ensures our team is not just employed, but genuinely loves working with us!

  • Continually investing in leadership growth to empower our team with the support they need to thrive!

  • Offering work-from-home opportunities that surpass the confines of traditional office jobs, harmonizing work and life seamlessly!

  • Guiding our clients in establishing standard operating procedures to streamline their practices and enhance efficiency!

  • Easing the burdens on our clients by handling all administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on what they love most in their business!

Meet The Virtual Gal Friday Leadership Team

Nancy A. Brown

Nancy A. Brown

Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Meet Nancy A. Brown, the driving force behind our success at Virtual Gal Friday LLC. As the Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Nancy laid the foundation for our company back in 1998, starting as a solo virtual assistant.

Nancy’s unwavering commitment to clients has been the cornerstone of our journey. For her, clients are not just a priority; they’re the top priority. She goes the extra mile to ensure that their businesses and daily operations run with utmost smoothness and efficiency.

But Nancy is more than just a CEO. She’s a sought-after Business & Life Coach, an accomplished Author, and an inspiring Speaker. Proudly partnering with clients, she helps them turn their business dreams into reality. Her expertise extends beyond business – she’s dedicated to working with clients to de-stress and streamline their operations, ensuring their days run seamlessly.

The growth of Virtual Gal Friday is a testament to Nancy’s vision. We now boast an incredible leadership team that handles day-to-day operations, complemented by our dream team of virtual assistants who engage with clients daily. With Nancy at the helm, we’re not just a company; we’re a dedicated community committed to making your business thrive.

Alyssa Brown

Alyssa Brown

Corporate Trainer / Office Manager / Social Media Manager

At Virtual Gal Friday, Alyssa Brown is often the first face you’ll meet. As our Corporate Trainer and Office Manager, she not only sets the stage for our welcoming atmosphere but also ensures that every new employee feels fully integrated from day one. Alyssa is the linchpin in our onboarding process, expertly combining her technical prowess with a personable approach to guide newcomers through their initial training.

Alyssa’s background is a vibrant mix of Education and Art, which she seamlessly incorporates into her work. Her technical skills are particularly evident as she crafts comprehensive training modules that are both informative and engaging, making complex concepts accessible to all.

Outside the office, Alyssa is a passionate artist, dedicating her free time to her canvases, where she explores the visual symphony of colors and textures. Her artistic sensibility not only enriches her personal life but also permeates her professional environment, bringing a unique perspective to her work.

With her extensive expertise and empathetic manner, Alyssa Brown is a cornerstone of our team at Virtual Gal Friday. She excels in weaving her knowledge and creativity into the fabric of our operations, enhancing both the learning experience for employees and the cultural richness of our workplace.