Virtual Business Manager

A Virtual Business Manager handles the day to day operations, projects, metrics and team members of businesses. 

Using our vast experience in the industry as a Virtual Assistant and Virtual Business Manager (since 1998) –  We will work with you on the daily operations of your online or offline business.

We work to get you out of the daily overwhelm. Part of that includes assisting you in daily operations and working with your team to increase revenue, and make sure all team members are aligned with the goals for your business. Virtual Gal Friday will handle all of the technical, administrative, and customer-service details in your business, so you don’t have to.

What We Offer You

Every client situation is unique – after our initial consultation we will develop a plan for you. Based on the services listed below. Please note, all clients are able to utilize all services listed. You may not need them all every month.  This is just a listing of what we offer and what is available to you.

Mix & Match All Services mentioned below….PLUS
Unlimited Phone Calls
Unlimited emails
Team Meetings & Strategy Sessions

We Will Free Up Your Day
  • Review Where You are Spending Your Time
  • Take Stuff Off Your Plate / Help You Delegate
  • Set Up Email Management System
  • Answer Emails On Your Behalf
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Set Up & Manage Calendar & Schedule
Operations Management


Review key systems needed to run your business including:

  • Client Relationships
  • Billing
  • Communications
  • Marketing
  • Follow Up & Delivery
  • Create Processes and identify tools and players for these processes
  • Set up tools and software
  • Create Standard Operating Proceduress
  • Payments & Collections
  • Systems Access & Log Ins


Project Management
  • Create a Project Plan
  • Setup of Project Management Tool
  • Delegate Project Tasks to Team Members
  • Project Status Updates
  • Follow Up with Team
  • Managing Project Budget
Marketing Management
  • Affiliate Marketing Management
  • Article Marketing Management
  • Audio / Video Marketing Management
  • Email Marketing Management
  • Publicity & PR Management
  • SEO  Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Offline Marketing Management (direct mail, telemarketing)
  • Team Management of all Marketing Tasks
  • Review & Update All Autoresponders
  • Review & Update Your Freebie  (keep it current)



Team Management
  • Manage Your Existing Team
    • Make sure the right people are in place for your team
  • Implement a New Team
    • Post Team Opening
      • Write and Post RFP
      • Interview 4 applicants for each position
      • Background Check the Top Contenders
    • Set Up Interviews
      • Narrow Choices & Request Proposals
    • Check Client References
    • Make Offer to Selected Candidate
    • On-board New Team Memebers
      • Work for Hire Agreement
      • Make Sure They Have Proper Info & Training
      • 90 Day Review / End of Project Review
  • Managing Team Budget & Expenses
  • Support & Motivation for Team
  • Create Communication Plan with Team
  • Review Progress of Team Members
Website Management
  • Review & Keep Content Updated
  • Manage Development of New Websites
  • Finding & Managing the Website Team (technical VA, web designer, graphic designer, copywriters)
  • Manage Set Up of all Sales Pages, Optin Ins.
  • Test all links, forms, and buy now buttons.
  • Ensure Google Analytics is in place
  • Social Media Plugins
  • Obtain Testimonials from Clients
  • Shopping Cart Implementation Management
Manage Your Ezine
  • Establish & Implement Ezine Publication Schedule
  • Establish & Implement Promotion Schedule
  • Manage Your Lists
  • Manage Creation of Professional Ezine Template
  • Coordinate with Copywriter for Ezine Content
  • Manage Solo Emails to Your List
  • Coordinate with Affiliate & JV Partners
Launch Management
  • Work With You To Develop A Launch Strategy
  • Establish Promotion Schedule
  • Work With Copywriter for Launch Materials
  • Manage Sales Page Creation & Implementation
  • Project & Team Manage
  • Support You As Needed
  • Work with the team to ensure the product is delivered correctly.
Revenue Streams Management
  • Production and Completion of:
    • Books & Work books
    • Multimedia Products
    • Membership Programs
    • Virtual Events
    • Live Events
    • Coaching Programs
  • Manage the set up of applications and software for each.
  • Customer Service
  • Management of Fulfillment for any physical products
  • Keeping revenue streams updated on a regular basis.
Metrics Tracking
  • Includes Reporting System
  • Analyze metrics and discuss trends during monthly strategy sessions with you.
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Medical Office Management

You spent a decade training to be a doctor…and what you are experiencing in your practice is not what you bargained for – with Virtual Gal Friday’s assistance you get back to what you love… your patients.

Bookkeeping Services

Accounting functions can be extremely tedious and time consuming. Virtual Gal Friday will make your bookkeeping a worry free aspect of your business.

Virtual Receptionists

Virtual Gal Friday has dedicated virtual assistants available to answer your phones as if they were sitting in your office with your company name — always in a professional, courteous manner.

Coaching Practice Management

Our Coaching Practice Management package is designed for busy coaches, authors, and speakers. Let us take on the daily administrative, marketing and technical tasks. While you do what you do best, work with your clients!


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