5 tips to help protect and maximize your new smartphone

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Emerging technologies such as smartphones are holiday must-haves, but once your shiny new device is in hand, learning about all its features can be overwhelming. No need to worry — these five tips will help guide you so you can get the most out of your new smartphone:

Tip #1: Set up security

Whether it’s your own phone, your partner’s or you kid’s, security settings should be top of mind. Take time to set up the home screen’s lock features. In addition to a number pad, some phones like the new LG V10 use a fingerprint sensor for added security. If desired, you’re able to set up parental controls on your children’s phones. These features are often found within “settings.” Finally, complete your connection to the cloud so all your contacts, photos, videos and texts are protected.

Tip #2: Go to camera settings

Explore your phone’s camera features and capture life’s in-between moments. Your phone may have editing tools built in, but if not it’s easy to download an app and you’ll be taking professional-level photos in no time. With the LG V10, you’re able to take videos and photos in Manual Mode making the experience more interactive than ever before. The LG V10 smartphone also features 5MP Dual Front Cameras with two separate lenses to capture standard 80-degree selfies or perfect wide-angle selfies of 120-degrees. Learn more at LG.com/V10.

Tip #3: Maximize battery life

Even with powerful lithium-ion batteries, you may use your new phone so much, that you’ll run out of juice faster than you think. Be proactive and take a few steps to maximize your battery life. Start by adjusting the brightness on your screen to the lowest level you’re comfortable viewing. When using your phone, close apps when you’re done utilizing rather than leaving them running in the background. Finally, if you need a quick charge, set your phone to airplane mode and plug in. You’ll be back to enjoying your smartphone with a full battery in no time. Not ready to give up brightness or change settings for extended battery life? Grab LG’s V10 with a removable battery to go from zero percent to 100 in 15 seconds, just by changing the battery.

Tip #4: Explore video capabilities

Think you can’t go on vacation without a separate camcorder? Modern smartphones are taking video to the next level so you may not need additional devices after all. Learn about your phone’s features, resolutions and aspect ratios so you can get the best video possible. The LG V10 is the first smartphone to offer Manual Mode for video, making it easy to create professional-quality videos by adjusting options such as shutter speed, frame rate, ISO, white balance and focus while recording. Videos can be recorded in three resolutions — HD, Full HD or Ultra HD — and two aspect ratios — 16:9 standard or 21:9 cinematic.

Tip #5: Synch calendars and set up email

Your new smart phone is a central hub for all aspects of your life. Make sure to synch your work and home calendars to stay on task. It’s also a smart idea to set up email access from your most-used domains. That way you can email Grandma that adorable picture and prep for that upcoming presentation without worry.

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