Don’t wait until a crisis to develop an emergency plan; you need one set in place before opening for business.

  • For online backup of all computer data – Carbonite – or are good options. Backup your computer at the very least on a monthly basis. You can also use a service like to store individual files. You might also consider an external drive for your computer, if you choose this option be sure to keep the back up off premises in a safe location, like a safety deposit box at your bank. Make sure to include a sheet with all pertinent information in regards to your safety deposit box in your Office Policy manual.
  • Create a spreadsheet with all vital information – password protect this file – update this file often and make sure it’s uploaded to your back up storage area. This file should include all usernames and passwords to anything requiring them. Keep the password and file location of this spreadsheet in your Office Policies Manual.Make a list of all your office equipment that you will need to take with you if you evacuate to keep you business running smoothly. Keep this list in your Office Policies Manual.
  • Keep your current client files organized and in a handy place if you need to grab them and run. It’s a good idea to keep some portable plastic file buckets (with handle) that you can store files in and carry with you. If you don’t have file cabinets, you can keep your client files in these handy little buckets all the time and if you need to dash out of the office in an emergency you can grab them and go.
  • Keep your Office Policies manual up to date and in a convenient location if you need to grab it and go. Also, if something happens to you it should be easy for someone else to find. Make sure a family member, spouse, or trusted friend knows the location of your Office Policies manual so they can find it if you are in a situation where you are unable to.
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